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Our Goal

Our goal at Ensure Home Inspection is to provide home-buyers and home-sellers with a 3-4 hour “snapshot in time” of a house, giving them the information they need to understand what problems are present, what repairs may need to be performed, what issues may arise in the future of their home.

Our Home Inspection report and consultation will give you the tools you need to identify & properly address the defects of a home, perform the correct maintenance to keep your home in good condition, and leave you better prepared for the negotiation process in buying or selling a home.


Our Home Inspection Services Include:


Make Sure Your San Antonio Home Inspector Knows Buildings

How do you know you’re getting a quality home inspection? There’s no shortage of people without any construction-based education or building experience that took an online class after they heard they could make big money “inspecting” homes on the weekends. Do you really want to trust your biggest financial decision to a part-time, semi-retired, or otherwise amateur home “inspector”?

I’ve spent my life working in the construction industry, primarily in residential remodeling and custom home building. With construction management and building-science education, hands-on trade knowledge, & real-world experience, I know what to identify as a potential problem & where to look for them. Our mission at Ensure Home Inspection San Antonio is to provide home-buyers and home-sellers the best service and experience a home inspector can provide.

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I’m Kyle Scott, State-Licensed and Certified Professional Real Estate Inspector and principle Inspector of Ensure Home Inspection. With over 13 years of hands-on construction experience (in-field and managerial), Texas-Accredited building inspection training and certification, non-stop continuing education in building sciences, and reinvestment into cutting-edge technology, I’m ready to show you why Ensure is the standard of quality, customer service, and overall value for home inspections and why we’re the best home inspectors in San Antonio

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Home Inspector Kyle D. Scott

TREC # 23813 - TDA # 0819063

Looking for the Best Home Inspector in San Antonio? Ensure Home Inspection provides thorough, low-cost inspections, detailed reports, and personalized consultations in San Antonio, TX & surrounding areas, including WDI/termite inspections and more!

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