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I’m Kyle Scott, State-Licensed and Certified Professional Real Estate Inspector (TREC 23813) and principle Inspector of Ensure Home Inspection San Antonio. With over 15 years of hands-on construction experience (in-field and managerial), Texas-Accredited building inspection training and certification, non-stop continuing education in building sciences, and reinvestment into cutting-edge technology, I’m ready to show you why Ensure is the standard of quality, customer service, and overall value for home inspections and why we’re the best home inspectors in San Antonio.

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Why Do I Enjoy Home Inspection?

Home Inspection is something that comes naturally to me as I’ve always found myself observing and critiquing other’s work, most especially when I see another tradesman cutting corners to save time or money. Calling out these shortcuts is something that sometimes got me in trouble, as some of the more unscrupulous contractors that I’ve worked for would bid with these shortcuts in mind!

As a Home Inspector, I get to take part in all of the fun parts of the construction business and do what comes naturally to me, while avoiding all of the stuff that I didn’t like so much, such as the headaches from the management process and fixing other peoples mistakes. It’s also a lot easier on the body; I fully expect to be inspecting homes in San Antonio 30 or 40 years from now!

My Qualifications:

  • Texas Real Estate Commission Professional Inspector # 23813
  • Texas Department of Agriculture Licensed Termite Techincian # 819063
  • Over 13 years Residential and Commercial Construction Experience
  • Hands-On Technical Knowledge & In-Field Trades Experience
  • A.S. in Building Science & Construction Management
  • C.A. in Building Inspection Technology
  • SABOR: San Antonio Board of Realtors Affiliate Member
  • ICC: International Code Council Member
  • ATI Inspection Training Systems Graduate
  • FAA Remote Pilot Certification


16400 Henderson Pass, STE 517
San Antonio, TX 78232

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Sun 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Professional Home Inspector Kyle D. Scott

TREC # 23813 - TDA # 819063

Ensure Home Inspection San Antonio TX provides thorough inspections, detailed reports, and personalized consultations at affordable prices in San Antonio & surrounding areas. Home Inspector San Antonio providing WDI/Termite Inspections, Thermal Imaging, Pool / Spa Inspections, Foundation Elevation Survey and more!

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