Can a Home Inspector Move Things?

You’ve just signed a contract on a beautiful home and booked Ensure Home Inspections San Antonio to perform an inspection tomorrow morning. The home is clean and organized, but there is still furniture, including beds, drawers, couches, etc. in most rooms of the house.

What Happens Next?

We inspect as thoroughly as possible WITHOUT disturbing any furnishings. In a majority of instances, we are able to inspect around a furnished home with minimal difficulty by just being mindful of where we step and put our hands. At the same time, if an outlet or window is blocked a bed or a headboard, we’re not moving anything to inspect it. The primary reason for this is liability: we don’t want anyone to get angry at us for breaking the ancient glass vase that has been in their family since before recorded history that also happened to be worth a bajillion dollars (or at least that’s what their lawyer will say).

Because of this, we don’t move things. Instead, we will note in our report that some receptacles, windows, doors, etc. were not inspected due to lack of access or other circumstances related to occupation, and continue on to give you the best look at the home that is possible.

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