Yes, all Inspectors at Ensure Home Inspections are licensed with the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) as Termite Technicians and are allowed to perform Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) inspections, but most home inspectors in San Antonio and Texas at large are not. Whether a home inspector needs specific licensing to perform termite inspections in other states I can’t comment on.

Termite inspections in all instances are presented as a separate report that termite technicians are required to use, as created by the TDA. This report contains information as to whether any active or previous wood-destroying insect infestations were discovered, as well as conducive conditions discovered that would make it easier for insects to infest your home. Typical conducive conditions would include a wood fence attached to the structure at one or more locations, wood to ground contact such as a wooden deck or lumber leaning against the home, as well as soil that is too high and too close to the wall cladding.

Important to note that in the State of Texas, technicians are trained to identify wood-destroying insects, not organisms (WDO) such as in some states.

In any case, Ensure Home Inspections is happy to provide termite/WDI inspections in addition to your home inspection at a significantly discounted rate, or as a standalone inspection who’s price varies depending on where in the San Antonio metropolitan area you are located.


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