Does a New House Need an Inspection?

“What could be wrong with a brand new house?”

A lot of things.

1) First is that structural components that were required to be installed on the building are not present. While home inspectors typically require a set of construction drawings or “blueprints” in order to make the claim that the builder forgot to install a component, in the case of cut and stacked rafters found in some attics, we find missing purlins, collar ties, or knee braces all the time. The absence of these components can affect the lifespan of the roof surface above, leading to increased possibility of leaks in the future.

2) We check to make sure that the insulation company has actually provided the amount of insulation that is claimed on the “green sheet” on the electrical breaker subpanel. We constantly find that insulation companies short the builder and the home-buyer by charging them for one amount of insulation and actually delivering another. We also make sure that the insulation is properly distributed throughout the home.

3) We constantly find shingles that are missing or loose on brand-spankin’ new homes. Our aerial drone inspection process discovers any of these issues and ensures they get addressed before they become a major problem.


4) We even check for cosmetic deficiencies on new homes: we feel that a new home should be just that. Any dings in doors or cabinets, loose electrical receptacles, bad drywall texture spots or poorly painted areas will get disclosed at the bottom of the home inspection report under the “buyer’s notes” section.


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Does a New House Need an Inspection? 1

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