If you’re a homeowner and have a home inspection scheduled in the near future, I’ve compiled a list of things that may really help speed up the process and give you a better, more accurate report. In addition, a lot of the items listed can also be indicative of the condition of the home to a potential buyer.

-Replace all bad lightbulbs: We have to mark deficient any light fixtures that don’t turn on, even though the likely culprit is just a bad bulb. Furthermore, there is simply way too many different styles of bulb for us to carry around our own to plug in. To prevent this from showing up in the report, make sure any bad bulbs are changed out.

-Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home, and change the batteries on those that need them: Non-functioning smoke detectors are automatically deficient, and yes, we do check them. Also, any potential buyers are going to be a lot more likely to walk if they have to deal with the constant chirping of a smoke detector while doing a walk-through.

-Replace those dirty air-filters!: Not only are they nasty, but they’re indicative of the condition of the home. Excessively dirty filters are deficient as obstructions to airflow, but such a simple item also tells me that the homeowner likely didn’t preform necessary maintenance on other items as well. If I see it, then the buyer is going to know about it.