Why Do So Many Real Estate Agents in the San Antonio Area Put Ensure Home Inspections on Their Vendor List?

Although we do plenty of “direct-to-consumer” marketing such as, nothing generates as much business as the referrals from our real estate agent partners that trust their homebuyer clients with the best home inspectors in South Texas.

It’s not easy to convince a seasoned real estate agent who has been burned by under-performing or fear-inducing home inspectors before to try someone outside of their established network. We know you are putting a lot of faith in the inspector to look out for the homebuyer’s best interest without scaring the pants off of them about things that don’t need to be scary.

The number one reason why agents continue to refer me day in and day out is simple:

 The best customer service and care in San Antonio, period.


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We’re not the “Scary” home inspectors.

You probably know the type of inspectors we’re talking about. Making mountains out of molehills, these are they guys putting fear into your clients, turning what should be a small punch-list into a novel, making your job a million times harder and sometimes killing deals outright. These are the guys telling your client the foundation is shot after seeing a few cracks in the drywall or brickwork. To go out and replace an AC that’s cooling adequately just because it’s old. That they need to ask for this, ask for that, and before you know it, your client wants every little opening caulked and every missing GFCI in the report replaced on the seller’s dime. We’ve seen clients turn the report over to their agent and say “we want everything fixed.” We know that this just isn’t the market for those kinds of negotiations on the buyer’s end.

At Ensure, we of course recommend that the deficiencies addressed in the report be evaluated and corrected by a qualified professional, but we understand that every home has deficiencies, even brand new ones, and that maintenance and upkeep is part of home-ownership. We will work with your clients to address their concerns in the most objective manner possible.


We’re SABOR Affiliate Members with access to ShowingTime and Supra E-Key.

We’re well acquainted with ShowingTime and we know how to let ourselves in. No, you don’t need to go back and forth with the inspector and the listing agent to schedule the window, which we know can be pain for occupied homes. Give us a call or have your client call us as soon as you go under contract and let us know the status of the home (is it vacant or occupied) and we’ll go into ShowingTime to put in the inspection request. Upon approval, we’ll let you and your client know the inspection has been confirmed.

No, you don’t nee to worry about taking time out of your schedule to unlock the home like some other home inspectors make you do. All Inspectors at Ensure are equipped with Supra E-Keys or will have the lock-box combination before arrival. Just call Ensure and we handle everything up until you get the report.


We’re Available Seven Days a Week, with Morning and Afternoon Inspection Timeslots

Short-Option period on a super-competitive and in-demand home? Call Ensure! When everyone else has no availability, we make time for you and your client! Our Timeslots are 9:00am for mornings and 2:00pm for afternoons, so one way or another, we can fit you and your client into our schedule. We inspect rain or shine.


You and Your Client Get the Inspection Report Fast

We try our very best to get the inspection report out to our clients and their agent that night. This means by next morning, you and your client can come up with a punch-list to send out to the sellers with time to spare. On some larger or very old homes, we may need until the next morning to get your report to you, but we’ve never taken more than 24-hours to send out a report.


We Perform In-House WDI/Termite Inspections

Have you ever let a client buying a home with a VA Loan choose a home inspector “because they wanted the best price”, then get the inspection report and find out they didn’t perform the mandatory Wood-Destroying-Insect Inspection? It happens constantly. We know this because we get at least one call a week from agents looking to hire us to perform JUST a WDI because the inspector their client chose either didn’t inform them they needed a WDI or wasn’t even licensed to perform one.

At Ensure, we nip that problem in the bud by asking every client “is this a VA Loan?” If yes, we inform them that a WDI is required for VA Loans. Even if they aren’t using a VA Loan, we strongly encourage them to purchase a WDI, further limiting your liability. Better yet, every Inspector at Ensure is a TDA licensed Termite Technician, so every WDI is performed in house for maximum affordability and independence from pest control companies.


We’re Clean, Respectful Inspectors Take Care of Every Home

We know you’ve gotten at least one chewing-out by a listing agent telling you YOUR inspector left the front door unlocked, didn’t close the blinds, left mud tracks on the brand new carpet or didn’t clean up after opening the attic and tracked insulation around the house. Its embarrassing to get those calls and some inspectors just don’t care, but you won’t ever get them with Ensure.

Shoe covers, clean drop-cloths, shop-vacs, brush and dustpan, clean rags and towels. We try to make it look like we were never there. The last 10 minutes of every inspection has your inspector walk through the home doing a final safety checkup, making sure all lights and water-sources are turned off, the oven is turned off, all windows and doors are locked, and all blinds are closed. We leave our cards at every home and we’ve never gotten an angry call from a seller or listing agent (knock on wood!)


We’re Easy to Talk To, and We’re Always Happy To Help

The hardest thing we’ve found to convince people of is that we really are working towards the same goals: furthering the real-estate transaction and acting in the client’s best interest. We’re happy to answer your questions as an individual agent outside of a particular inspection, and any advice we would provide to your clients we are happy to provide to you.

We figure that if we can effectively inform your clients about the home, help them understand their home and what may or not need to be done, they can make an informed decision about whether to accept or reject this home in its current condition or call the right people to provide further evaluation.

It’s in our best interest to take care of your client and provide them the most bang-for-their-buck possible, so that they feel like they got their money’s worth. When this happens, we think they’re a lot more likely to tell their friends about Ensure, and a lot more likely to thank and trust you for referring them to someone who took care of them. We’re building long-term relationships, with our agents and our clients.


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