Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) or Termite Inspections


Wood-Destroying Insects

Wood Destroying Insects, and more specifically, termites, run rampant in Texas, especially around San Antonio and the Hill Country. Termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and an assortment of various wood-loving beetles all make their way to your home via tree branches, electrical lines, soil against your foundation, and most prominently, the openings in your homes foundation where plumbing lines enter. This is bad news for homeowners, as the various wooden structural members that make up our homes in the US, such as 2×4’s, 2×6’s and plywood, all provide ample food supplies for these destructive critters. Most new homes built in the San Antonio areas nowadays incorporate an Integrated Pest Management Program to help fight the termite menace at different levels of construction, but the best defense against termites is a good offense: getting your home regularly inspected for signs of termite infestations and then taking the proper steps to abate them.

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A Home Inspector Needs A Pest Control License To Inspect for Termites!

What is not so obvious, is the fact that a vast majority of home inspectors in San Antonio Texas are not licensed to perform a termite (WDI) inspection! That’s right, all forms of pest control, including even inspecting for termites, are regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture, NOT the Texas Real Estate Commission, which is the agency that issues the Professional Real Estate Inspector license that your home inspector should have.

Don’t Pay For a Salesman To Inspect Your Home!

What this means is that when you call up your home inspector and ask them if they can perform a termite inspection (required for VA Loans and many FHA Loans), they probably aren’t licensed to perform that inspection and usually call up someone else with a pest-control business to perform the inspection instead. In this instance, the inspector is either making money by collecting a fee from you directly and having the pest-control company perform the inspection for cheap or free, which they will happily do in order to get the chance to sell you a termite treatment, or they have the pest-control company charge you and collect a finder’s fee from them instead. It’s a crooked way of doing business, but most homeowners and people outside of the real-estate industry don’t know any better.

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Objective and Unbiased WDI/Termite Inspections

Of course, I’m telling you all this because all San Antonio home inspectors at Ensure Home Inspections just happen to be licensed Pest Control Technicians, including myself – TDA # 819063. Not only that, but you’re getting a termite inspection from an individual who doesn’t directly sell or perform any pest-control treatments, and is in no way affiliated with any other pest-control entities or third-parties other than the company that I am technically employed by, Pest Inspection Network (PIN). PIN is a local company based right here in San Antonio that is licensed to operate but does not perform pest treatments, and instead allows other inspectors such as myself to perform termite inspections for a fee. Neither PIN nor myself sell or give away your information to any pest-control company or third party, so you don’t have to worry about getting hassled by people trying to sell you additional services and you are guaranteed to get a non-biased, informative inspection. For more information on Wood-Destroying Insect/Termite Inspection pricing, please see the pricing page.


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