Our Home Inspection Fees in San Antonio TX & Surrounding Areas


The first question many people ask when they call is “How much is a home inspection?”, but any inspector that you should consider hiring will tell you that there is no flat-rate pricing in this business. There are numerous factors that determine the amount of time and work that a home inspection can take, and we charge accordingly. At Ensure Home Inspections, our inspection prices are based on the size of a home (in square-feet), the age of a home (when it was built), the type of foundation the home was built on, and sometimes the location of the home (if it is outside of San Antonio). Also, we offer many additional services that are not a component of a standard real-estate inspection, such as WDI/Termite Inspections, Sprinkler Inspections, Foundation Elevation Surveys, Thermal Imaging, etc.


What factors account for our home inspection fees?

The primary factors that we take into account when creating a quote are:

  • Size (larger homes have more components to test and inspect: they take longer to inspect)
  • Age (older homes almost always contain significantly more deficiencies than a new home of comparative size, taking longer to inspect)
  • Location (how far away from San Antonio the home is)
  • Foundation Type (if the home has a crawlspace, we have to enter it. This is a nasty job that takes considerable time, thus, we charge extra)
  • Additional / Optional Services Requested


Information we need to provide your inspection quote

Before you call, text or email to ask us about the price of the home you want inspected, please have this information ready:

  • How did you hear about us?
  • What kind of inspection are you inquiring about? (buying, selling, warranty, WDI?)
  • When are you looking to have this inspection performed? How long is your option period?
  • How large is the home in square-feet?
  • How old is this home? / When was this home built?
  • What kind of foundation does the home have? Concrete Slab or Pier & Beam? Is it a Mobile/Manufactured home?
  • Where is this home located? Please have the Zip-Code ready.
  • Are you working with a Realtor/Agent?
  • Is this home listed with a Realtor or on the MLS? If not, who will let us in?
  • Is this home currently occupied or being lived in? This is very important for minimum scheduling time.
  • Would you like any additional services, such as a WDI/Termite Inspection? (If you are purchasing your home with a VA Loan, you need to order a WDI inspection!)


How Can I Pay?

If you are going to be present at some point of the inspection, you can pay in person with credit/debit card. If you are not going to be present during the inspection, we can send you an invoice that can be paid online with your credit or debit card.

When Do I Pay for My Home Inspection?

Ideally at time of booking but you can also pay in person. We do not release inspection reports under any circumstances without payment being rendered. We do not “work on contingency” or allow payment after closing.


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Ensure Home Inspection San Antonio TX provides thorough inspections, detailed reports, and personalized consultations at affordable prices in San Antonio & surrounding areas. Home Inspector San Antonio providing WDI/Termite Inspections, Thermal Imaging, Pool / Spa Inspections, Foundation Elevation Survey and more!

Please review our Property Inspection Agreements before booking.

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