When gathering up information required to schedule an inspection, I often ask if the client is working with a realtor, and if so, would they like me to forward a copy of the report to their realtor? Most of the time, the answer is something to the effect of “yes, duh”, because the client understands that the realtor is your advisor through the home-buying/selling process and ensuring they have a critical piece of information such as a home inspection report seems important.

At no point in time should the home inspector provide the seller or listing agent with a copy of the inspection report. When we create an inspection report, in our agreement it is stated that it is the property of the client to do with as they please. We don’t provide an inspection report to the seller because we don’t want to tip the buyers hand to the seller and potentially ruin their negotions. If the buyer would like to give a copy of the inspection report to the selling party, that is up to them.

Furthermore, it should be noted that most experienced and savy real estate agents will specifically ask NOT to be sent an inspection report when representing a seller. The reason for this is Texas real estate discolsure laws: the seller has to fill out a seller’s disclosure before listing the property where they outline all the “defects” that they KNOW are present with the property. “Know” is a key-word here; if the seller (or listing agent) doesn’t know about the “defect”, they don’t have to disclose it. They can just claim they were oblivious to the problem, especially if the home was a rental property that the seller didn’t live in.

So it is in the best interest of the sellers for the buyer NOT to provide the inspection report. That way, if the buyer walks from the sale, the seller’s don’t have to update the seller’s disclosure and don’t have to state the defects that were discovered with property. It’s shady, but it’s the way things are.

What happens with the report after it has been given to the client and most likely their realtor is completely up to them. In most instances, the buyer’s agent will create a “punch-list” of repairs to be performed, and send the list of repairs along with a copy of the report to the listing agent to negotiate. The listing agent will likely try to negotiate down the punch-list so that only the really important things are taken care of, or alternatively, work with the seller to reduce the sale price and have the buyer take care of the items on the list themselves. The latter is more common in sellers pressed for time.



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