Due to the nature of the home inspector’s work, we tend to crawl and climb through a lot of small, dark, and otherwise uncomfortable places. In the course of this work, it’s not uncommon for us to come across critters, or more commonly the evidence of critters presence, such as droppings, gnawing or scratching marks, chewed up wire, wood, or insulation, etc. Considering that pest control is a regulated industry in Texas and that the regulating authority for pest control (Texas Department of Agriculture) is very different from the regulating authority for Home Inspectors (Texas Real Estate Commission), the question of “can a home inspector report on rats/vermin?” comes up often enough. While all inspectors at Ensure Home Inspections are licensed with the TDA as Termite/Wood-Destroying Insect Technicians, we are not rat-catchers at this point in time and we don’t have that license.


How Does a Home Inspector Report Findings of Rats or Vermin?

First, if we observe a deficiency with a component of the home that is caused by rats/vermin, we will report the deficiency in the inspection report, and will typically make note of possible causes or contributing factors, including damage caused by rodents. Things like chewed up wires, destroyed soffit ventilation, destroyed attic insulation, etc. are all examples.

Secondly, if we observe evidence of vermin presence, such as droppings or nesting, we will typically make note of this at the bottom of the report under the “buyer’s notes” section. While we can’t legally make any recommendations or even attempt to determine if the pests are still presence, we do like to let home buyers know that they may have room-mates and that they may want to call an exterminator.


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