Hydro-Massage Therapy Equipment

If a whirlpool tub is in one of the bathrooms, it will be a source of comfort and pleasure for years, provided it’s properly cared for.

The following suggestions will enable you to enjoy and maintain your whirlpool:

  • Check to make sure the water jets are not pointed upward.
  • Do not turn on the system until the tub is completely filled. To properly fill the tub for use, fill the tub (1” above the highest jet) with warm to hot water.
  • Use the pneumatic (timer) switch on the tub to turn the system off at a pre-set time.
  • Do not allow any small objects such as toys or marbles to enter the jets or suction. Children should notbe allowed to operate the whirlpool without supervision.

To prevent build-up of mineral deposits and soap scum, it’s important to clean your whirlpool regularly. For normal cleaning of the tub surfaces, DO NOT use abrasives, steel wool, scouring pads, scrapers or sandpaper on any part of the tub. (See section on marble tubs for cleaning suggestions). Non-abrasive commercial cleaners are effective for normal cleaning of the tub surfaces. Regular use of the whirlpool should help reduce build-up within the jet system. Cleaning after prolonged inactivity can be accomplished by a few drops of a cleaner such as “Pinesol” in a full tub of water. Follow this cleaning by a thorough flushing of the system.


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Protection

Under today’s building standards, all hydro-therapy equipment should be protected with a Ground Fault Interrupter device. This protection device can be located in the service panel box or in the same bathroom as the hydrotherapy equipment. If your hydro-therapy equipment is not protected by a GFCI circuit, than have one installed for your own safety.


Inspection Plates

Inspection Plates are used to cover the access holes to the main water cutoff and tub drains. The plates are secured by four screws which may be removed and replaced as often as necessary. The location of these plates is usually determined by the design of your home and/or city building codes.


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