Open and close all the windows in your house. Clean and lubricate any that stick, and straighten any bent tracks. Bedroom windows must open fully and allow for fire escape; any security bars must have safety release mechanisms that do not require a key and can be easily opened in an emergency. Whenever a windowpane breaks or cracks, it should be replaced for both appearance and safety reasons. The Yellow Pages list many companies that can repair the window. Lock replacement parts can be found in home centers and glass shops. Double pane windows fog when the sealed air space between the glass panes loses its seal, and moisture enters the cavity. Though these windows will still operate, they may become impossible to see through and should be replaced by a qualified glass company. From the outside, inspect wood frames and sills for rot, and check the caulking around the frame. Any gaps or cracks should be sealed with a good quality exterior caulk. The horizontal windows in your bedrooms, baths and kitchens come with “weep holes” for drainage. These small holes allow moisture or condensation to drain out. The window track should be kept clean to allow these holes to function properly. Window treatments such as blinds or drapes not only add to the beauty and value of your home, they also aid in the proper function of your heating and cooling system. When your window treatment does an effective job of keeping heat out in the summer and cold out in winter, your air conditioning and heating systems operate more efficiently. We suggest, for best results from your system, that some type of window covering be installed as soon as possible after you move into your new home.


Window Screens

An annual inspection of your window screens should be made. You should repair or replace any missing or damaged window screening. Most of the repair supplies you would need can be found in your local home center. By keeping your window screens in good condition, this will help prevent insects and other unwanted pests from entering your home. Solar screens would be a good alternative to the standard bug screening.


A Word About Solar Screens

Solar Screens will keep the unwanted pests from entering the home and help lower your utility cost. Solar Screens are exterior full-length screens that cover the entire glass of your windows and doors. Solar Screening is a woven vinyl-coated fiberglass screening manufactured for the primary use of reducing solar heat gain in the summer and reducing heat loss in the winter. It also performs as an insect screening. Solar Screening is virtually maintenance free. It is noncombustible and will not rust, corrode, shrink, scratch or stain.

Solar Screens work in three different ways:

  1. Shading Coeffiency – the amount of shade created between the solar screen and exterior pane of glass.
  2. Reflectivity – reflecting the direct sun’s rays of light off of the screen, not letting the heat touch the glass.
  3. Absorption – the heat that is absorbed and held into the screen material itself and then dispersed back into the air away from the glass.



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