Additional Limitations of our Home Inspections

It is important for you, the client, to be aware of the limitations and agreed departures of the home inspection process and that the Home Inspectors at Ensure Home Inspections follow. Although our inspection agreement outlines the primary limitations, we want to make sure you understand additional limitations and procedures we practice.


What is Inspected:

  • Everything required to be inspected by the Standards of Practice set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission can be found here (sections 535.227 through 535.233 are the ones you’re looking for).
  • The inspection shall include a non-exhaustive evaluation of all systems identified in the Standards of Practice.
  • A Home Inspection is not a code inspection. While some building code-related items may be identified as “Deficient” in the Property Inspection Form for the purpose of identifying potentially hazardous conditions (See Texas Real Estate Consumer Notice Concerning Hazards or Deficiencies, TREC Form No. OP-I) or to provide further clarification for the Client, the Client understands and agrees that the Inspector does not perform a code compliance inspection.
  • The Inspector will perform an inspection of those items as required by the Standards of Practice that are visible and safely accessible as determined by the Inspector. Areas and/or items deemed to be inaccessible and or unsafe to inspect as determined by the Inspector shall be identified in the inspection report as “not inspected” under the Departure rules outlined by TREC.
  • The inspection will be a non-destructive and practical evaluation of major components of the Property and as are apparent on the date of the inspection.
  • The Inspector will not enter into or climb upon unsafe areas that may potentially endanger the Inspector or the property, in his/her sole judgment.
  • The Inspector is not providing engineering services. Engineering opinions may only be provided by a licensed engineer.


What is Not Inspected (Agreed Departures):


Wood-Destroying Insects

At Ensure Home inspections, we recommend that a wood-destroying insect inspection be performed on every home. We do not inspect for pest and or insects of any kind except when such service is ordered and paid for.


Roof Departure

At Ensure Home Inspections, as a matter of policy, our home inspectors do not walk on any roof:

  • with a pitch of more than 6/12 (45° angle or greater),
  • any second story roof surface,
  • any roof material that could be damaged by walking on it,
  • and any roof that the inspector cannot safely reach or stay on in the judgement and determination of the inspector.

Instead, we will observe the roof surface from an aerial drone-mounted camera, a ladder leaned against the roof surface, or from the ground level.


Specific Limitations

The following specific limitations apply but should not be considered as a totally exhaustive list (See the TREC Standards of Practice for additional limitations). Unless expressly stated otherwise, Inspector does not test, inspect, report on or offer opinions on:

  • soil analysis or adequacy of design;
  • aesthetic items such as wall, ceiling or trim paint; cosmetic deficiencies such as wall paper or texture deficiencies; floor coverings, cabinetry, countertops and or trim work deficiencies; window treatments, and the like;
  • items where access is limited or prevented by furniture, personal belongings, or similar obstructions;
  • life expectancy & repair estimates;
  • drafting of chimneys;
  • inaccessible portions and or components of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems;
  • gas line sizing and/or piping connections;
  • cleaning cycles of self-clean ovens, timer functions on ovens and microwaves, the “heat dry” setting of dishwashers;
  • determination of water quality; all forms of plastic water supply piping and associated connectors; determining the presence of KITEC or any other plastic piping product;
  • all freestanding appliances;
  • sewage disposal systems including grinder or ejector pumps and associated equipment;
  • general pests, termites or other wood destroying organisms, rodents, and/or diseases (unless otherwise specifically ordered and paid for);
  • exterior walks, driveways, and patios;
  • sub-surface water/springs, caves, fault lines, potential flooding conditions that would not be readily detectable or apparent at the time of inspection,potential floodplain or flood areas;
  • items listed with the Consumer Product Safety Commission identified as unsafe and/or determined to be under a recall by manufacturer; items or areas identified by the EPA as a potential household concern; ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance;
  • any and all environmental issues, including: pollutants, mold, mildew, fungi, radon gas, lead based paint, gases, volatile organic compounds airborne contamination;
  • inspection of roof covering underlayments, concealed flashing details, installation and appropriateness of fasteners securing any and all types of decks or roofing;
  • flood testing of building drains and/or shower pans, lavatories and bath tub overflows;
  • turning on or turn off any gas, water supply or irrigation valves;
  • test temperature and pressure relief valves on water heaters when inspector cannot determine the discharge point of the temperature and pressure relief valve;
  • turn on or off any electrical breakers;
  • common areas in planned communities, condominiums or townhouses;
  • exterior veneer coverage (paints, stains and/or other surface coatings);
  • exterior landscape lighting; mechanical or powered gates; fencing and or exterior retaining walls.
  • The Inspector does not determine the operational capacity, quality, or suitability for a particular use of any system or component in the home or on the property.
  • This Inspection does not cover latent defects not reasonably and readily observable or detectable during the inspection process nor those that may be covered by recent repairs, patching, remodeling, painting, or defects that may be concealed or obstructed by stored items or furniture.


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