Get a Pool Inspection or Spa Inspection for Your San Antonio Home!

Living in San Antonio, a pool is a real luxury in the summer time. Cooling off and exercising, then being able to relax in the hot-tub is a major perk. But pools and spas are not without their own upkeep and maintenance, and a pool with structural issues can turn into a literal money-pit.

Make sure you’re not buying a home with a pool or spa in San Antonio without first getting an inspection!

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Why Do I Need a Pool Inspection or Spa Inspection?

Because these systems can turn from assets into liabilities very quickly.

Pools are large pits dug out of the ground, constructed with steel and cement known as “gunnite”, and then lined with a finish material, typically plaster, but sometimes its a cemented pebble finish or even a vinyl sheeting. Over time, the force exerted on the pool by the surrounding earth and huge amount of water inside the pool can cause structural problems, especially if the pool is very old or was constructed by contractors that don’t know what they’re doing.

And that’s just the main structure of the pool; we’re not talking about the coping, decking and of course, the equipment, electrical and plumbing servicing the pool.

Furthermore, even if the pool isn’t falling apart, is the pool safe? Is that electrical receptacle really allowed to be that close? Is that receptacle GFCI protected? Is your equipment properly bonded, or is it a shock hazard? Is the electrical panel servicing your pool older than I am? Does your pool have the (required!) safety and security features in place to prevent a massive lawsuit if somebody gets hurt in it?

Remember what we said earlier: pools and spas can turn from cool fun to serious problem real quick.


What does a Pool Inspection or Spa Inspection Include?

pool equipment san antonio pool inspection san antonio

  • Inspection of the visible structure of the pool and surrounding components, including pool deck, pool coping, any steps leading up to the pool, any structures attached to the pool, such as slides, diving boards, ladders, etc.
  • If there is no water in the pool, we’ll get a good look at the finish material.
  • If visible, the pool’s main drains.
  • The pool’s pumps, skimmers, filters heaters, motors, blowers, vacuum breaker, gauges, visible piping and vavles.
  • Electrical panel servicing pool equipment.
  • The appropriate bonding of all required electrical equiment.
  • The operation of any lights installed in the pool.
  • The correct placement and operation of any GFCI-protected receptacles near the pool.
  • The presence, or more specifically the absence, of any security or safety measures required, such as self-closing gates, proper gate height, presence of child barriers, etc.

As you can see from this short list, there is a lot that goes into inspecting pools and spas. Make sure you leave nothing to chance on your new San Antonio pool or spa.


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