Landscape Irrigation System or Sprinkler Inspection

Because of the fact that San Antonio is typically under drought conditions with the occasional torrential rainfall, sprinklers are present on most homes constructed in the last 25 years. While simple in theory, paying to fix sprinkler problems can be what feels like an unnecessary expenditure that the seller should have taken care of before you moved in. But the only way to make sure your irrigation system is operating correctly is to get it inspected!


Is the Irrigation System/Sprinklers Part of the Standard Home Inspection?

All home inspectors know how to inspect sprinklers, but no, they are NOT part of the standard home inspection, and instead listed as an optional system. This means that, if they’re present, we can inspect them, but a home inspector is not obligated to. This is primarily because sprinklers aren’t a structural component of your home and if they don’t operate, then the worst that’s going to happen is your grass dies, but also because a majority of homes don’t have them.

If your home has a sprinkler system, make sure you specifically inform your inspector about them and that you would like them inspected, otherwise, your inspector will likely not operate them.


What Does a Sprinkler Inspection Consist Of?

When a home inspector begins observing the sprinkler system, they will first photograph the control system, including the position of the dial so they know what to set it back to. Then we like to photograph the control wires, so we know how many stations there are.Through the course of the exterior inspection, we will often come across a small device with a wire attached, often mounted on top of a fence picket and sometimes the edge of a roof. This device is called the “rain-sensor”, and it prevents your sprinkler system from operating when raining to save water. It can be disabled from your irrigation control panel.


After doing a quick walk through of the property to make sure there is nothing that is going to get damaged by operating the sprinklers, the home inspector begins to operate the various stations or “zones” of the irrigation system. When operating, we observe the sprinklers to make sure there are no missing sprinkler heads, as well as make sure that the spray pattern is accurate or that there isn’t too much over spray from a mis-aligned or mis-sized sprinkler head.

The end goal of a sprinkler/irrigation system inspection is to ensure that the system operates and that you aren’t in for any surprises when you move in to your new home.


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