How a San Antonio Home Inspector Maintain’s His Home: 2024 Edition


We often spend time talking with our clients about potential concerns we have with a property at the end of the inspection, and our feedback from clients and their realtors/agents has been very positive because of this. In the process of discussing our concerns, we also like to go over our recommendations on how to maintain your home and the systems and components that are integral to its function.

There isn’t enough time in a day to verbally go over every tip, trick, and care instruction we’ve learned over the years, so we’ve created a homeowner’s guidebook to help you understand your home and it’s needs.

We have a PDF file for download, but we’ve also broken the guide down into sections that can be viewed online, section by section. If you notice, the sections of our homeowner’s guide correspond to the order of our home inspection report. Enjoy!


DISCLAIMER: Note to home owners and home buyers: The information found within is general in nature as this manual is a work in progress, the information here in, by definition, is incomplete. Since conditions and requirements vary widely at individual sites, it is recommended to obtain qualified expert advice pertaining to the specific system about which you have a question, and should not rely on this general text for costly diagnostic/repair/replacement decisions. All homes, brand new or aged, require ongoing maintenance and repair. This home is no exception. Electrical and mechanical systems will fail without warning, crawl spaces will likely develop water penetration problems, roofs often develop leaks as they age, exterior siding and wood trim will decay and require periodic repair and repainting. Homes are, by their very nature, a series of complex systems, all of which have finite lives and are susceptible to unexpected failure.

 WARNING: All do-it-yourself home maintenance activities involve an element of risk to your health and safety as well as to your property. We have made every effort to assure that the content of this booklet outlines safe procedures. However you, as the homeowner, remain responsible for performing home maintenance activities in a safe and secure manner. When using hand and power tools, ladders and other equipment always follow the manufactures operating instruction and observe all safety precautions. Ensure Home Inspections offers no warranties or guarantees regarding this information or its use, expressed or implied. Ensure Home Inspections is not responsible in any way for damage you or anyone causes to your property or to someone else’s property as a result of the repairs or maintenance procedures performed on a property. Perform maintenance and repairs at your own risk!


Structural Systems

Electrical Systems

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems

Plumbing Systems


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